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    I’m just switching to SMP, but on the Register page:

    The text boxes overlay the comments that come after the user inputs data, so those comments can’t be read easily. The input boxes need shortening.

    How do I do that without buying the Form Builder addon?

    I’m using only the Free membership level, with Neve child theme.

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    If I rotate my phone to landscape, I see the plain text comments come in coloured boxes, and they do display as you intend, so are readable in that orientation.

    I’m using Brave on Android. Ditto for Chrome on Android.

    In portrait orientation on mobiles, I only see the plain text comments obscured by input textboxes, as on my desktop.

    But on my desktop I’ve never seen the coloured comment boxes using Safari browser (13.1), or Brave for desktops; just plain text obscured by the input text boxes.

    So there needs to be some development work on browser and mobile display orientation compatibility it seems.

    Brave is of course based on Chrome.

    Just trying to help 🙂

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    Just for testing purposes, can you test one of WordPress default themes like Twenty Twenty-Two. Let me know what happens.

    Thank you.

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    Will do, yes it could be the theme, but Neve is very popular, and still improving.

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    Theme test:

    As you requested, I switched from the latest Neve theme (been working smoothly for yonx), installed and activated the WP 2022 theme via the WP interface.

    I only looked at it on desktop, not mobile, because the live site top menu was mangled. (Just a rapid test)

    The 2022 theme mangled the top menu on our site, but the rest of the homepage displayed as expected.

    The Register link was buried in the mangled menu text, but I picked it out, clicked it, and it took me to the SMP Register page.

    There I filled out the input boxes, but NO comments on the data popped up, no coloured boxes either, but after I completed the data inputs and clicked the Register button, I saw the comments in plain text above the mangled menu text. No coloured boxes there either.

    I then reactivated the Neve child theme we use, and the menu behaved as expected.


    There’s a bug in the SMP code, not due to the Neve theme.

    You may also wish to test SMP with Neve child theme on desktops, and on Android mobile platforms.

    We’ll get there chaps 🙂 Looking good so far.

    BTW: I did manage the css changes I asked about in my other thread on the Profile page data, but had to edit the plugin core files directly. The WP Customiser “Additional CSS” method didn’t work for me, despite purging all LiteSpeed caches, and the browser cache.

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    Hi, please check the following forum post. This might help you a bit.

    Kind regards.

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    Okay, I’ll have a fiddle around with the css, but the floating coloured comment boxes seem “a bit too fancy” for a “Simple Membership plugin”, and it even “trips up” the latest default WP theme 2022.

    Methinks, simple plain text data input comments by default, would produce less compatability bugs.

    So the plugin does need more development on the basics it seems 🙂

    Maybe a revison for the next plugin update? (Hint)

    Otherwise, a very good plugin so far 🙂

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    What is the CSS class/classes controlling the coloured floating comment boxes?

    I can’t see it in my browser Developer tools pane. (Perhaps because they don’t manifest on my desktop view.)

    Is it just a css trick, or does it use ajax or even javascript to function?

    If it’s just CSS, I’m thinking I could simply delete the css for them, so only plain text comments show.

    This seems a crude way to fix this problem, but if that works, would that mess up anything else in the plugin?

    As it is; it looks broken to new visitors, so they will be put off joining right from the start.

    I’d appreciate a hint / nudge, or even a bit of CSS to try.

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    Hi, I have submitted a message to the developers to investigate further your issue/request.

    Thank you.

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    Hi, Our plugin doesn’t do any colored floating comment box so this seems very strange. Or are you referring to the validation messages (when you say floating comment box)?

    The issue you described is going to be related to some kind of conflict somewhere (a plugin or a theme). I would need to see your registration page with only our plugin active. Do the following then post a link to the registration page so I can inspect it using my browser:

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    Thank you for your assistance.

    Yes, I’m referring to the floating comment boxes that pop up and comment on what data has just been inputted on the Registration Form.

    On my desktop I only see the plain text eg. X Already taken and that can be obscured by the input box. However, on mobile Android in Landscape orientation +I DO+ see the coloured comment boxes.

    I did the plugin test, and the latest WP 2022 theme also stopped the coloured boxes showing on our site.

    The culprit is another plugin called LiteSpeed cache. When that plugin is turned off, I do see the coloured boxes on desktop.

    Litespeed cache is very sensitive, like a thoroughbred horse, but very powerful and good. It speeds up our site enormously.

    I had already excluded the register.php and login.php urls from being cached by the LiteSpeed plugin, but still see the bug.

    Are there any other URL’s I could exclude to ensure the coloured boxeswork as designed?

    I should also add that LiteSpeed cache also minfies the css files on the fly.

    If you give me a list of all the files to exclude from being cached on the registration page uses, I’ll exclude them, and test again.

    Shouldn’t be too difficult to fix this.

    We’ll get there soon 🙂

    Here’s the url to test:

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    I don’t have a list of files unfortunately. The following JS and CSS files would be required at the minimum I think:


    You can view the HTML source of your registration page and then look at any JS and CSS files that are being included on that page and try excluding things to see what works for your setup.

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    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Yes, I have been using the browser Developer Tools to view the page source, but because the coloured boxes don’t manifest, there’s no relevant source to see in the Developer Tools pane.

    So I had to switch off our LiteSpeed cache plugin to get the coloured boxes to work, and then see their source and URIs in the Developer Tools pane.

    Then I re-enabled our LiteSpeed cache plugin and excluded this list of files in the Page Tuning section of the LiteSpeed cache settings pane;


    That fixed the bug on both desktop and on Android mobile, for me at least 🙂
    The coloured comment boxes now display nicely.

    Thank you both for you help.

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