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  1. asshu
    Posted 5 years ago #

    A user would be able to register directly on sub-sites(in 3.0.2 version).But now when a user click's on a register link or login link on subsite .He is directly reverting to Main site.

    I think it is modified in 3.0.3 from version .is that true?Now I am using 3.0.4 Version

    You can also find a linehere under Multisite Enhancements implies that there was that functionality in earlier version of WordPress

    Could any body have Idea to get back that feature?
    Thanks !

  2. That was never a feature of basic WordPress. You might have had a plugin for it, but bog standard is that everyone signs up and is a member of the main site.

    You would need to use the plugin if you wanted that feature.


  3. asshu
    Posted 5 years ago #

    It seems the plugin doesn't have that functionality . Or I am missing some thing.

    I have also edited private.php in the plugin files.I have made a post here for plugin developer .

    There is a plugin called User side bar widget .but that too works partially.
    Could you please suggest me some thing to make this functionality work?

    Thanks !

  4. Copy wp-signup.php into a page template and use it on the theme in the sub blogs, removing the redirect to the main site at the top of the file.

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