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  • You’ll have to be bit more specific…

    What do you mean by “register 200 users at one time”? Do you want to manually make them all? Or do you want to import them from somewhere?

    WordPress comes with importing scripts, but if the software you are importing from isn’t supported, then you’ll need to do it manually for via a custom user import script.

    yup. doing it through phpmyadmin would be a lot faster…

    I have an excel file of 200 names and email addresses of members of an organization that my WordPress-powered website is for.

    I want to create a restricted category that only logged-in members can view. But I don’t want to ask all 200 members to go through the registration process.

    You said “WordPress comes with importing scripts.” Can you give me any more detail about that?




    look inside wp-admin/import (the scripts are in there, and relatively self-explanatory.

    what you need to do is explained via Google: export that data to a cvs file, and then import via phpmyadmin. (as someone else here has already said)


    there are no such scripts in wordpress that can import users what crack you smoking 🙂
    all there is for import is posts and such from other programs

    would be nice if there were backend import-export capability for users

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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