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  • I would like to show this community blog from Monterrey, Mexico. It is in spanish and it´s a multi-contributor blog.

    I know there some things that need to be arranged, but I thought it was good enough to show it here.

    This theme is from, and is called “observers” by PsyBorg, with some adjustments.

    Needless to say, but I´m a newbie and I don´t even in the design or programming bussiness. (I´m a doctor).

    I would like some review, from you the experts. I´ll really appreciate it.

    PS: sorry for my awful english.

    URL: RegioBlogs

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  • It looks good, clean design.
    A small thing: in the left sidebar in Categorias and Archivos there is an empty <li> tag at the beginning of the list – causing the little black “soemthing” at the top of the list. I guess the same thing on the right with the Authors.

    Me gusta mucho, tienen prioridad los posts y no es para nada confuso. El unico detalle es el que te nombro moshu sobre las listas en catetorias y archivos.


    muchas gracias amigos…thanks friends…not bad for a newbie, right? lol.

    Still in learning process!!!

    Heeey Hipo! Buen diseño. Quedó muy chido.
    BTW, the new URL is now

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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