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  • Hello,

    After doing a force regenerate on my entire library I found some broken images. Looking into it they’re images that have two versions one with .jpg and the other with .jpeg.

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    Looking on the server both images are there but the thumbs for only one of them is there.

    When viewing the media library I can force regen a specific one, so I do so on the ‘broken’ one which fixes it, but reloading I’ve now found the other becomes broken.

    So it seems when it cleans out the old thumbs before regenerating it doesn’t realize theyr’e thumbs for the other extension version.

    I hope that makes sense,

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  • I’ve now found this when images have the same name but different extensions.
    I have an instance with .jpg & .jpeg and another that’s .jpg & .png
    So the clean-up before regeneration doesn’t take the extension into account.

    To work around for now I regen one version, copy to local, regen the other, then re-upload the local ones so that I have both versions in the media folder.

    Hi Garrett,

    I’ve been experiencing exactly the same problem. It doesn’t look like you got any reply from the plugin developer. Surely your solution isn’t a viable one on a large scale?

    Hi Sii,

    Sadly no response from the developer, you might want to spawn a new thread in hopes of gaining attention (Can link to this one for reference).

    You can also maybe try pinging @pedro-elsner directly, his website –

    I actually haven’t looked at this since our site went live, but for sure the workaround is definitely not scalable. You might want to look into using wp-cli or writing a patch for this if you want a long-term solution.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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