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  • First of all – nice plugin, it has a real good potential ..

    I am a bit confused though, you have authored ( at least )two very similar plugins,
    one is ” Ultimate WP Query Search Filter ” and the other is “Advance WP Query Search Filter” ..

    On the later ( “Advance..” ) the plugin presentation page states

    his plugin is an upgraded version of WP_Query Search Filter…

    But clearly The plugin ( “Ultimate..” ) was updated more recently ..
    So which version is the one maintained and developed ? Both?

    On the same argument – I would like to help contributing some code improvements that I have made ( especially i18l, Translations, RTL support and non-english characters support ) . .where and how can I do such a thing ? Do you have a bitbucket / github page ?

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  • Plugin Author TC.K


    Actually the “WP Query Search Filter” is my first search plugin. But it has been replaced with my “Advance WP Query Search Filter” plugin, and removed from the wp plugin repository. After that, I got another plugin released – “Ajax WP Query Search Filter” which using Ajax call to display the search result.

    The number of users of both Advance and Ajax has increased gradually. And it is very exhausted for me to give support for both of the plugin at the same time, because there are many similarity in both plugin and thus the problem that user encountered also very similar. I have been asked for the same questions in both support forum, which is wasted a lot of my time. So, I decided to combine the two plugins into one. This way it will easier for me to maintain the quality of the plugin as well as the support. As the result, this Ulitimate version is what you see now.

    Since I already combined Advance and Ajax into one Ultimate version, so now I only will focus on Ultimate version. And there will be no further update for Advance adn Ajax version.

    So far I don’t have github yet, but I will have my github page in the future. Or you can send me your POT file if you want.

    No problem.. I do understand the issue, my question was more in the lines of “why aren´t you deleting the old plugin repositories and direct all users to this one ? ” 🙂
    As for the files – The changes I have made for support is not only the translation itself, but also RTL support, string character encoding etc. The code itself was tempered with . I have quite an experience dealing with issues with plugin / themes that should work with non-english characters and foreign languages .
    I will maybe send you the files to look at. .

    Plugin Author TC.K


    Sure, thanks in advance.

    As for the deleting the old plugins and redirection, honestly I have no clue how to do it yet. Any idea?

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