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  • Dear all.

    I am having a problem. My “front page” where all the pages (inputs) get in.

    1. I would like that it only shows a short summary from whole page/article/blog and has “read more link” with routes you to the complete page.

    2. It would be a bonus for example if lets say I have a category called “news” that only blogs/pages from this category get on the front page.

    Hope you can help. I am using 2.0.3.

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  • For the first one, I think you’ll find help in this thread:

    Basically, you don’t want to do the first part — display the complete first post.

    For question number 2, I would think that you could just use an “if” statement but I’ll leave that to the PHP gurus!

    In response to #1:

    As you are writing a post, notice just below the input box for the title of your post, a toolbar with a line of symbols. The first is a bold letter b. (For bold.) The next is an i. (For italic.)

    Later in the set of tools you’ll notice one that says ‘more’. That’s the one you want.

    As you’re writing your post or once you’re finished writing, decide where you want the post to end on the front page and continue onto another page. Put your curser there and click the ‘more’ button.

    That takes care of it.

    When you ‘publish’ everything up to the ‘more’ code you inserted will show up on the front page. The rest will go on the permalink page.

    Now, you might want also to only include the first part, up to the ‘more’ symbol, in your rss feeds. To do that, copy that part, including the ‘more’ code, and then paste it in the ‘optional excerpt’ box deeper on the ‘create a post’ page.
    (Be sure to include the ‘more’ code so that those receiving the rss feed can click and read the REST of the piece.)

    Hope that helps,

    Thank you very much. The simple ‘more’ command is what i mainly was looking for, its simple but brilliant.

    Now I just need to limit the posts which appear on the main site/home. I will try the plugin.

    Thank you Ken and Moshu. Mjwood cheers.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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