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    Hello, thank you for making your plugin freely available as WooCommerce must have add-on.

    After initial reliable functioning the website I’m working on, happened to fail during checkout processing particularly on update of shipping costs and total.
    Still ordering is functioning in the fashion reminding on some API – geo ip relations. So, with the international ip/vpn access ordering process with shipping and totals works for the English version and euro currency, while country local language version checkout does not update shipping and totals, and opposite in direct access through country isp ip, the described processing is working on local language checkout version but not on English checkout page.
    Could be any chance that your plugins by functions of “GEO IP rules for visitors local currency detection” is interfering some Woocommerce API calls or could be some abuse of it through other connections as bots?
    I’ve not yet tried to disable this plugin as the web shop is in the full use with visitors in early stage, so asked just to find is there such probability of cause?

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  • To add, the feature “GEO IP rules for visitors local currency detection” is turned off and wasn’t be turned on, yet the problems described above seems to be related to Geo IP – API relations and the only plugin of such features on the web site of subject is this WOOCS, please advice if possible.


    I doubt that this plugin could cause such compatibility.
    To determine the location, it uses the functionality of the woocommerce,
    and does not interfere with third-party plugins.

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