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  • Hello WordPress community

    I have a pretty straight forward question in regards to switching from a stand-alone WP site to a Multisite setup. I am planning to go with the sub-directories structure (no sub-domains). However, in the WP Codex Help pages it states the following:

    It’s possible to switch between domain-based (sub-domain) and path-based (sub-directory) installations of Multisite. If you have had WordPress installed for longer than a month and are attempting to activate the network, you will be told to use Sub-domain sites. This is in order to ensure you don’t have conflicts between pages (i.e. ) and sites (i.e. ). If you are confident you will not have this issue, then you can change this after you finish the initial setup.

    Now my stand-alone site has been online longer than a month, also I understand the statement above, but I just wanted to double-check, if “pagename” applies to any identical pagename, that may appear on a sub-directory site in the future.

    For instance (this would be the main site):
    http://www.travels .com/new-york/

    Basically the new Multisite sub-directory setup will be in place in order to add new language sites (i.e. /de/), however it will also feature new-york in this sub-directory example:
    http://www.travels .com/de/new-york/

    Does the new-york on the “/de/” site now count as a “conflict between page names”? I would not think so, since it sits under the “new site” /de/

    As mentioned before, I guess the answer may pretty straight forward, but better to be safe than sorry.

    Thanks all and best

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  • Hello all

    Is no one able to shed some light on my question? I would just like to double check, if for example:

    /new-york/ (host site page) and
    /de/new-york/ (sub-directory site page)…

    …does or does not count as a conflict between pages in a WP Multisite setup? As mentioned, the host site is a single WP install and I would like to switch to Multisite with a sub-directory structure. WordPress will advice to use a sub-domain structure instead as per italic note in my previous post. However, that can be changed to sub-directory structure after, but should only be done, if one is confident, that there won’t be issues with page conflicts.

    I believe what is meant is, that if there is already a page on the host site called /new-york/ (example) and I were to make a sub-directory site called /new-york/ too, then this is a conflict of course.

    However, if the sub-directory sites’ names will only be abbreviations for languages, such as /de/, /fr/ and so forth, then /de/new-york/ or /de/travels/new-york/ etc. should surely not count as a page conflict.

    Am I right here?

    Thanks again and all the best

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