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    Had been using this plugin for almost 8 months on the same hosting environment and it worked perfectly well. After the WordPress update to 3.6 it began to stop loading the locations data. I called for support but the IT guy told me that it was Google’s fault, they were denying my requests because of the hosting environment. (which had been working previously) I try another plugin and everything worked great! why would that be? because its the simplemaps plugin that was failing, not Google’s API which works for billions of people every day! your simple little plugin barely services a thimble compared to that. And instead of helping to track down the problem they spent less than 30 seconds telling me i had to contact Google support instead. Gee thanks! Learn from my horrible mistake and don’t waste your time on a plugin that could randomly stop working on you and a support center that abandons you and claims its not their problem leaving you to do hours worth of transfer work to a more reliable plugin, just start there to begin with.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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