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  • I am trying to use your invoicing program but I can’t test it in paypal mode. I have some specific needs and don’t mind purchasing pro version if needed. But I can’t find the answers to these questions.

    • I want to know if it’s possible to do refunds or credits with the invoice using negative amounts, that will credit a user’s credit card (so I don’t have to keep my credit card machine)?

    • I see on your description on codex you say you can do “Minimum and Split / Partial Payments” using the plugin. I would like to have it so someone pays a deposit to secure their trip and then have their credit card automatically charged the remainder of the amount at 30 days before the trip date. Can I set that up with wp invoice or the pro version. If no, then can I use the “Enter Payment” option under “Publish” to achieve that result. What I’m trying to avoid is sending another invoice to the client. I want their credit card to be charged the remainder of the amount after they pay the deposit.

    I’ve looked through your documentation and I’m not seeing where/how to set these things up.

    Is there any way your program will work with Quickbooks?

    Thanks much! I hope I can use this program.

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