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    I simply can’t figure out how to set this up to allow customers who ordered as “guest” (so without an account) to ask for a refund.
    I tried to set up a page where I added the [woocommerce_order_tracking].Now the guest has the option to enter his order number and email and get the order details, and there’s also an “Ask for refund” button appearing.
    The problem is that when clicked, that button leads to a page where it says: “Refund Request can’t be send.” (url:

    How can that be fixed?
    Guest customers must be able to ask for a refund as well. (it’s also a legal request, so …)


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  • Plugin Support Praveen


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    Hi There,

    You would like to setup a page for allowing customers to request for refund. You can do this with this tutorial.

    Please note that this approach recommends using Gravity forms..




    Hmm … I do not use Gravity Forms … is there no way to deal with this from inside Wooocommerce directly?
    There must be (legally speaking) an easy way for any customer (no matter if he created an account or not) to ask for a refund … so I really think this should belong to the core

    Do you know why using that [woocommerce_order_tracking] shortcode is producing an error when the “refund” button is clicked?

    Because it is correctly retrieving the order information even when a user does not have an account.




    Any news on this one?
    It cannot be that woocommerce did not think about guest buyers and their legal right to ask for a refund!

    I looked for at least a link in the emails, but NOTHING!

    Could you please help solve this?

    Plugin Support yukikatayama


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    Hi @candy2012,

    A refund itself is possible via WooCommerce and whatever payment gateway plugin you have. However, the way customers request the refund and how you have that set up is up to you – i.e. Customers could contact you, fill out a form, call, etc. Other than the post linked previously, here are a few other plugin options available (among others) that might help:




    Thanks Yuki!

    Well, as a matter of fact I have mentioned the problem is with GUEST buyers only, so those who do NOT have an account. The idea is for them to have an easy option to ask for a refund – and that is what’s missing.
    I have looked into those plugins already, they all deal with users who do have an account and do not offer anything really useful.
    I am not interested in that, as woocommerce is dealing with the issue (users with account) quite nicely by itself without the need of extra clutter from 1000 plugins, but I still do not have a reasonable solution for GUEST buyers!

    Would be nice if there would be a way to use [woocommerce_order_tracking] at first (as this one works no matter if the user has an account or not) and if the buyer bought as a “guest” to forward him in the 2nd step to some sort of a simple form to fill out.

    I just have no clue how to do that …

    Right now, that shortcode seems to have some sort of a bug, as no matter if logged in or not (so if one has an account or not), when clicking on “Ask for refund” button on that page, you are forwarded to ““Refund Request can’t be send.” So something is quite fishy here.

    Any idea? Or other suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

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