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  • After the latest upgrade to 3.6 or 3.6.1 (don’t recall which but I think it was both) I’ve been unable to enter anything into the “Refund amount” field. Please see

    I’ve tried Firefox and Safari browsers and the error exists in both. In the past I was able to process my Stripe refunds here.

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    Hi @mta1 you can change the refund amount or quantity to be refunded at the line item above, next to the product. This will enter the total amount below.

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    Is that a new feature? I feel really dumb for missing it – so simple but I really like how I can itemize the refunds now. Thank you for the quick answer!

    Is it still possible to just refund everything in one step? I’m thinking of a complex order where the customer wants all refunded (so I don’t want to have to zero out every item).

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    This was introduced in WooCommerce 3.6.0

    >Tweak – Added tooltip to refund-amount input box and made it readonly when taxes are enabled. #22820

    For accounting purposes, if taxes are enabled the refund must be processed per line to separate tax amounts.

    @stephjacq – just chiming in on this same issue.
    FYI – this is what I see on a stock 3.6.2 install running TwentyNineteen

    At first I assumed like @mta1 that this was a bug.

    Is the screenshot above the intended/correct UI for this use case?

    If so, it’s incredibly confusing.

    1.) No label next to the field to indicate its purpose. At the moment it simply looks like a buggy field being displayed for no reason.
    2.) The previous UX of simply entering the refund amount was far superior IMHO – what was the motivation for the change?
    3.) The tooltip currently states “Refund the line items above” – it’s not clear what ‘above’ is referring to. I would recommend tweaking the tooltip to something like “Enter the refund amount in the input box under the relevant line item above” or something similar.

    I think the overall UX implementation for this change probably need a fresh pair of eyes as I’m sure if it’s confusing me (who looks at this daily!) it’s got to be confusing others.


    Ok I’ve read this entire thread and looked at my orders and the “line item above” and I’m still COMPLETELY confused and have NO IDEA how to do a refund. Can someone please tell me how TF to do a refund now?

    Found the answer in the docs:

    Still… profoundly unintuitive.

    Hello everyone,

    I had the problem also with our webshops, so I asked a developer to make a plugin to overwin this issue… It makes the field available again!

    If you like you can download it here:

    Using it at own risk!




    @dsvanhoven you might want to start a new thread. Posting in a resolved thread buries your need. You will have better luck posting your own thread.



    @dsvanhoven thanks for sharing! Simple but effective.

    Haha! Thank you Mike for posting this. I’ve spent an hour deactivating and reactivating and reupdating and reverting plugins. Haha! I guess it’s a good update, but maybe a note at the bottom that says, refund by line item. Oh well! Thanks again!

    Wow, spent some time finding this. Very unintuitive. Someone from the UX department should look at this. Especially since there is an “This order cannot be edited” wording before clicking “Refund” giving the impression that Refunding is not working for this order and hence it is grayed out.

    @woocommerce Please keep looking into it.

    For Someone who is still struggling with that issue.. put below code inside of your theme’s functions.php file….

    add_action( 'admin_footer', function(){
     //Enables WooCommerce Refund input area
     $currentPostType = get_post_type();
      if( $currentPostType != 'shop_order' ) return;
    <?php )};

    For those of us that need to see it in laymen’s terms, watch this video:

    It’s a real forehead slapper! lol

    So instead of being able to refund an order in one single step I have to go through 20+ line items doing it individually. Annoying.

    @sajjad67 Hi Sajjad!
    I needed to fix the )}; at the very end to }); then, your above code does it’s task.Thanks!

    However, my question towards Woo dev team @stephjacq is: what about the taxes, if a shop owner choose to not include the tax in the product price. In our case there are Product Cost and Product Tax fields are in every item’s row). What solution you offer, if the shop manager doesn’t want to manually calculate the tax amounts on each refunded product?
    Is there a Woo native solution for making the tax fields automatically filled by the proper (refunded) tax amount, or we need to develop a totally custom solution for that?
    Best wishes

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