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  • Nice plugin although has not been updated for a while.

    Did a test using standard WP install and an install with DIVI page builder. Both created the static pages really well. One drawback is that you have run it against the whole site, my suggestion would be to be able to run this just against a post type or a category / tag, etc. Would make exporting partial sites to static whilst the main site remaining.

    I have written a much fuller review here:

    On the basis that 5 stars has to be ‘perfect’ I have given this a 4 star rating. Mostly not because it does not work, but because you have to run this against your whole site. Quite frustrating when you realise you need to update a setting and run again. My tests ran and found it exported a page and a post in about 30 seconds, but assume there is a lot of startup time overhead with this.

    Read the fuller review in the link above. I think this could be a great product to move people off WordPress or if you want to move part of your site to static pages whilst keeping WordPress for the CMS dynamic elements.

    Remember that any dynamic stuff (like code running from PHP, etc.) will NOT convert to static pages and you will have to replace somethings which are dynamic and driven via php with additional code once exported.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for taking the time to review this plugin. I really love this plugin but it breaks often for me. I think is was developed for really small sites, on a large site it’s a train wreck.

    I like your suggestion about the plugin not running against the whole site, I think it’s a fantastic idea.

    I wouldn’t mind paying money for this plugin if it actually worked on a large site on an efficient manner.

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