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  • After many years of wordpress blogging, I realized that my MySql database is cluttered with different encoding due to importing from other blog platforms like Blogger, and due to my lack of knowledge of encoding the contents at that time. This problem causes sending wrong encoding to Facebook for example.

    So I want to implement the following roughly method to refresh the whole thing and stamp it with UTF-8 and to keep my paths to my images.

    1. Export the contents via Tools. Currently 13 MB.
    2. Backup my database, folders, contents exactly as codex advise, in case of something goes wrong.
    3. Delete my WordPress installation on the current path /wp.
    4. Delete the current database.
    5. Create a new database with UTF-8 encoding.
    6. Create a new WordPress installation on the “old” path /wp.
    7. Use the same old theme which has relative paths to my /wp.
    8. Import the contents I exported in step 1.

    Will this work?

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