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  • Just delete the source code and either delete or drop the tables in the db. Then start over.

    Where do I delete the source code?

    Oh Boy. I deleted the “source code”, and nothing is there. Theme does not exist it says now




    Is there any way I can reset everything? I need to start over!

    There isnt a reset button.

    What you should have done was ask for help with the error you saw — the one in that image, I presume. You copy and paste the error to us, and we help you in determining the cause, and eliminating it.

    Questions that include “I need to start over” are likely going to be taken at face value, and you’ll lose your blog following them.

    In other words, dont ask for what you dont want. And articulate the problem, if you want good support.

    Now..follow MY instructions to fix your site.

    What you see on your site right this second, is there because you have placed a theme inside the plugins directory.

    Pixeled is a theme.

    Themes go inside wp-content/themes/

    See the videos:

    you have uploaded the theme to the plugins directory:


    I can prove it:

    Theres the stylesheet.

    Using your FTP client, navigate to your wp-content/plugins diectory and delete the pixeled folder, and everything in it.

    then come back here for the next step, and we’ll see what else needs to be fixed, if anything.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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