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    On my list of referrer links, I have a shortened URL (through–?not familiar with it). When I click on this referrer link, it takes me to my blog, but has an unauthorized advertisement in the header. 1. How/why is this happening, and 2. How do I stop it?

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    Can you post a link to your site and this other site?

    My site is

    The referrer URL is

    Thanks :o)




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    I don’t think there’s anything really suspicious going on here. The “bogus” site is just the a view of your site being offered by the url shortening service: does something very similar.

    My guess is that someone posted a shortened link to your site on something like Twitter. However, if you’re still not happy about this use of your content, you could contact the owner of You’ll find his email address on

    You can also quickly see the appended urls in your browsers bottom status bar by rolling over the “Tweet This Post” links at the bottom of your posts.

    Interesting. Thanks everyone. I’m mostly concerned about advertisers that have specific positioning on my site with no other advertisers placed above them (logistically). The placement of a header ad wrapped around my site *could* pose some probs. Thanks again. Appreciate all the input.

    Sorry I did not see this thread seven months ago! I’ve added to the whitelist, so short URLs going to your domain will forward directly by HTTP 301, effective immediately.

    Esmi is correct — I got the idea from It is quite effective and I’m sorry it’s intrusive, but I need money to pay my hosting bills, car insurance, electric bill, etc.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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