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  • I was looking around…
    Is there a plugin that will list which sites referred to yours? Maybe I am overlooking this.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Or get DElyMyth’s latest script for advanced tracking:

    Yeah, I haven’t made CG-Referer into a plugin yet — probably shouldn’t be too difficult to do, though I’d like admin interface options. If enough people want to see a plugin-version of CG-Referer, it should be nearly trivial. Lemme know! 😉

    Yes, I’m a idjit sometimes… I added some streamlined code for CG, but didn’t think how it’d affect overall performance. Going to clean it up, make it an optional param, and will post back here when I have new version ready and up in a bit…

    Okay, new CG-Referer version is up. Should eliminate the performance issue, and now has count in parens after the name for topReferrers. 😉

    Yep, much better. Also seems to have cleared up the “disappearing menu” problem. Probably something to do with wrapping.

    Good, glad to hear it! Yeah, I had [span] instead of [/span] closing elements, but in the inline-results use of the code (and not the direct-URL-to-refererLib use) that code shouldn’t have gotten touched.
    Basically, I added a few major things in the past few weeks:
    1. the direct-URL globals (URL params) are now all wrappered, meaning there will be no further conflict with other plugins.
    2. the formatting for direct-URL referrer lists (top and last-X) now uses a table layout for easier reading.
    3. the direct-URL referrer lists use an optional param to the two functions, that specifies to look-up queries in EACH referral, and if there is a query, [span] around the domain name so that queries vs referrals can be CSS styled differently.
    4. there’s now a URL param to show IP addresses in the last-X referrals listing, good for seeing spammers to block…
    That’s off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s more!

    For anyone tracking, I just put an updated release up on the CG-Referer download page. It resolves some serious performance issues with topReferer listings (now near-instantaneous, and single-DB-query). Anyone doing a top-referer sidebar wants to grab this update.

    To improve on storage use for the referral tracking, I’ve just added improved unique-IP tracking and also now check if the given referral is already in the database for today (and thus is a duplicate, so don’t re-log the same person, same referral). This is good as it eliminates sometimes getting 3-5 hits in the DB from the same user coming from google to the same page multiple times, or someone else doing back and forth and thrashing referrals.
    Up in the usual place,

    English is not my real language so excuse me for the mistakes.
    I used WP 1.2 and its runs correctly.
    I tried to install this kack but my homepage ( (work in progress) doesn’t show me this message :
    Database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax near ‘(NOW(), visitTime)==0 AND userIP=’’ ORDER BY visitTi’ at line 4]
    SELECT * /*DISTINCT userIP */ FROM referer_visitlog WHERE DATEDIFF(NOW(), visitTime)==0 AND userIP=’’ ORDER BY visitTime DESC
    Database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax near ‘(NOW(), visitTime)==0 AND userIP=’’ ORDER BY visitTi’ at line 4]
    SELECT * /*DISTINCT userIP */ FROM referer_visitlog WHERE DATEDIFF(NOW(), visitTime)==0 AND userIP=’’ ORDER BY visitTime DESC
    Can you explain me what’s wrong ?
    Thanx a lot.

    Yesterday I downloaded and installed several of the scripts that have been suggested on this thread and a couple others. Some of them were nice, some not so hot.
    But I can’t believe that more emphasis hasn’t been put on the script that podz has recommended above. That was the last one that I installed, and it is the best by far.
    WP DStats 2 is the only script that is a true plugin for wordpress. It gives very detailed results, and is very easy to use.
    Here’s the link again:

    It has to do with a change I made not working with pre-4.1 MySQL. I just uploaded a new version of CG-Referer — download and try that. I hate all the possible versions of web hosting apps!
    Just to be clear, a “true plugin for wordpress” is an extra single file in the plugins directory. That’s the only difference. 😉 I just haven’t done it yet for Referer as I wanted to add some UI and there isn’t yet a ‘recommended’ method.
    CG-Referer has been used by me for six months, others for the last three, quite successfully. It is meant for referrer and usage tracking, but not as much (at least, not yet) for ‘stats’ pages. It does last-n, top-n, and recent-search listings (extensive query-string identification coe)also does full search-query lists, unique ip tracking, daily/weekly/monthly counts, etc. Well suited for short sidebar/menu entries, or admin-level tracking pages.

    No offense taken — I just want new people to understand that the difference between a ‘hack’ and a ‘plugin’ when it comes to an external data system is nearly irrelevant. 😉
    Most importantly, I DO appreciate that you appreciate my time and effort! To that end, if you have/had problems with my scripts, PLEASE contact me or post here and let me know specific details, as I strive to keep these scripts updated and functional, and I can’t fix problems I don’t know about. 😉
    The problem I introduced was trying to better scope daily-unique checks to a date and not a 24h period, and DATEDIFF is apparently only available in MySQL 4.1 or later. My bad was not realizing that my staging area for CHAITGEAR ignores me as a referrer in all cases, whereas if I had tested it against my WP1.2 test site the bug would have shown immediately.
    Ahh, such is the fun of rapid releases with little testing. 😉
    But again, do let me know if you had a particular problem with CG-Referer, so that I can look into it. Thanks!

    BTW, just put a new version of CG-Referer up on the site. Beel pointed out that all the fun new html-clean string generation I recently added for CG-Feedread wasn’t being done at all in CG-Referer — so I moved the CGFR functions into the helper_fns.php file (for all my libraries that use it), and updated CG-Referer code to try and cover all the places I thought needed strings to be cleaned for output.
    Should cover things like ampersands, etc., in search string histories.

    Thanx a lot David for the script and your answer.

    No problem, glad to help.
    BTW, I just put up another even newer CG-Referer version. I tweaked some of the query handler functions to deal with a new form of google query string, and to deal with null query terms better. No rush (not critical), but will look better if you use getRecentSearches and have people coming from google a lot…

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