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  1. CreativeWP
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    Looking for this:
    1. 'Senders' are directed, via a link, to a secure page on the website where they can enter:
    - Sender Name (2 text-entry boxes: First and Last)
    - Sender Email
    - Recipient Name (2 text-entry boxes: First and Last)
    - Recipient Email

    2. The page will contain a (visible) pre-written email message (text) that cannot be edited, that will introduce the idea to the recipient
    - in future, may make sense to offer a choice of messages…
    - Salutation automatically populates Recipient's name (as entered by Sender, e.g.. "Dear Dave")
    - Signature automatically populates Sender's name (as entered by Sender, e.g. "Sincerely, Sue")

    3. The page may contain a text box for the sender to enter a couple of sentences in their own words
    - optional for sender
    - either at the beginning or end of the email

    4. When Sender clicks "Send":
    - Email is sent to recipient
    - Thank you email is sent to sender (eventually with a survey: "how did you like using the Referral tool?"; "suggestions for improvement?")
    - Alert notice is sent to designated staff
    - Sender and Recipient names and emails are captured for database

    5. Staff can follow up with Recipient after appropriate interval.

    Any one knows of any plugging like this?


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