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  • Greetings,
    Since about the time I upgraded to 2.6, I’ve been having some problems with my stats, specifically the referrals. After about 3-8 referrals from any specific page in the early morning, it stops accumulating. I know for a fact that I’m getting more referrals from them because my traffic has been on the up tick and Google is showing a lot more traffic from these people than just 3-8 visitors.

    I was wondering if anybody else has been having this problem. It doesn’t stop me from blogging, but it’s nice to give a little link lovin’ back from time to time, ya know?

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  • Different stats programs can show different numbers and some are more reliable/accurate than others, so it can be helpful to use more than one. Which one are you using?

    Publishing your referrals is a risky thing to do since you can find yourself giving link love to the worst sort of referrer spammers. Search engines can devalue your blog if they find links to disreputable or malware sites on it.

    Battling Referrer Spam

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