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  • Any chance of getting referer stats into WordPress?
    Fran├žois Planque implemented this in b2evolution (, so it shouldn’t be too hard to port over to WordPress.

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  • What exactly are you wanting?
    It might make sense to look at working to bring Refer into program in some way …

    Thanks, I’ve seen Textism’s tool and am thinking of trying that. I’d like something that could be administered in conjunction with an IP banning system since this seems to be the way to go with comment spammers. Would be nice to be able to have the option to make the referer stats public or private, depending on the site admin’s preferences/policies.

    Well, generally referrer information isn’t something that comes bundled with logware/CMS, so using something like Refer would be a good tool to have in your arsenal. It doesn’t all have to be in one menu, eh?
    One note: if you *do* install Refer along with b2/Wordpress, you can’t use the .htaccess method of referring people to the script [after you install it and set up your DB, you’ll see what I’m talking about]. You need to just go ahead and grab the php script that is provided for you and put it at the very, very end of your template files. That will ensure that you don’t have issues.
    As for IP banning for comments … that is something that should be included, I’d say. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I suggest using some of the code from Greymatter; as I understand Noah’s license, I don’t think he’d squawk terribly.

    I’ve actually been using Nathan Young’s refererLib code in my WordPress install, and extended it a little to list out Google queries. My blog’s down due to other issues, but the code’s currently at:
    I just need to clean up the functions/DB access to the WP coding standards, and I want to add in a maintenance function to prune the DB after a while, so people don’t overrun their databases.

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