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  • i havent been able to find one. i’m looking for a plugin that will display who is linking to my site (sort of like what you see on the dashboard “incoming link”) any ideas?

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  • whooami



    sort of like, or exactly like?

    theres a big difference.

    sort of like requires more info.

    lol i guess i meant exactly like 😉 just a list that shows who is linking to my site thats all 😀

    I use one called Incoming links which simply lets you place the incoming links from the Dashboard on your sidebar.
    There are no filter functions tho, so you may get multiple listings from one referrer.

    Also it hasn’t been updated since 2005. Currently looking for a more advanced alternative.

    I hit up Google and found this Referral Tracker plugin for WordPress. Is that what you’re looking for?

    If anything, you could use this Technorati plugin to use their incoming links.

    note that anything “referral” related that is publicly viewable has in the past proven to be yet another way for spammers to put ugly stuff in the face of your users. There are lots of administrator-side plugins to track access to your site (including web hosting control panel stuff), I wouldn’t bother with a publicly viewed referrer list.


    “There are lots of administrator-side plugins to track access to your site”

    Please feel free to recommend something if you feel that it is close to what we are looking for. I would very much want to bother with a list of incoming links in the sidebar, since I think it’s a cool feature and a kind of temporary reward for people who link to you.

    Never seen any spam on the incoming links list in the contol panel. Then again hardly anybody has ever linked to me. 🙂 That’s a good point about abuse really. I can always remove it if it leads to problems.

    Maybe recent comments will be a better idea. Those could also be abused of course.

    I guess I just want to add something that looks impressive and automatic. As an old html and notepad man, all of these things are magic to me. Still, I don’t want to add irrelevant stuff like weather reports. Looking for clever fresh ideas and incoming links seems like one. Maybe.

    Nah, incoming links was one of the first things that got spammed when I set up my site. Spammers just hit your site with a fake referral, and thus insert links to their site(s) into your referral history. And really, there’s no such thing as a ‘temporary reward’. If you want to link to someone, make a links page or a blogroll sidebar. 😉

    If you’re using a blog, it’s already beyond html+notepad. 😉

    Other things you might like are related newsfeeds in the sidebar, RSS feed subscription counts (feedburner provides an html snippet), and the like.

    My CG-Referrer plugin tracks all sorts of visitor stats, including just raw incoming site listings, and also can work as a spammer-blocker with blacklists. I need to get a new version out the door in the next few months, but there’s so many referral/stats trackers that just do that well (google, Mint, etc.) that as an free wp plugin I can’t really keep up. 😉


    You have given me a few things to think about here. Maybe the reason why my incoming links haven’t gotten spammed is that not even the spammers know that I exist. I seem to have had exactly 3 sites linking to me in the past 12 months or so. And about as many comments.

    I’m not really deep enough into the blogosphere to understand what all these external things do. I’ve tried to look into a few of them but I only ended up feeling stupid. And displaying a lot of stats about no visitors and no interest will only be depressing.

    It’s a lot like those counters we used to put on our pages a decade ago, isn’t it? The ones where we had to cheat eventually and start on a few thousand because the counters only really showed that nobody cared. Only now it’s called DeLiCious or Tecnocrati and whathaveyou. I don’t understand it all. I think I’m getting old. I have apparently now burnt a feed or something. That’s always something. And I have a list of top commentators. (The current record being 2 comments) 🙂

    This is a little late but I just happened by the comments.

    There’s a site that does exactly what you’re asking. In fact, the site is just about to open an all new one with lots more options.

    There is NO spam on these lists. those fake referrers don’t make it on the list at all. There’s a master filter list and each user has their own filters. is the site. There is code to check and void any URL that’s malicious in nature. When a referrer comes in the site fetches the entire page that referred it and evaluates it before inserting it into the database.

    “Maybe the reason why my incoming links haven’t gotten spammed is that not even the spammers know that I exist.”

    Yes, you’re probably right. And the reason they don’t know you exist is probably because you don’t rank well with Google at all for any of your published articles. But that probably poses another question.

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