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  • Lucas


    Can anybody help me….

    I am trying to reference a user’s answer that they selected in a drop down box. I am referencing it on one of my pages.
    Basically, when a user loads up a certain page, on that page I have references like…….

    <?php global $wp_crm;
    $current_user = wp_get_current_user();

    echo ‘NI number ‘ . $current_user->ni_number . “\n”;
    echo ‘Surname ‘ . $current_user->surname . “\n”;
    echo ‘Lives at: ‘ . “\n” . $current_user->home_address . “\n”;
    echo ‘Born ‘ . $current_user->date_of_birth . “\n”;
    echo ‘Mobile Number ‘ . $current_user->mobile_telephone_no . “\n”;
    echo ‘Link to Client Stuff ‘ . $current_user->link_to_client_stuff . “\n”;
    echo ‘Employment Status is ‘ . $current_user->employment_status . “\n”;
    echo ‘Platforms: ‘ . $current_user->platforms . “\n”;


    which return info filled in by that user in forms I have created. However, these references only bring back the info which has been filled out in a text box. All the ones relating to drop downs or tick boxes will not return an answer.

    I have installed a plugin which allows PHP to be input on the page editor so that isn’t the problem.

    Any ideas how to bring in the selected answer(s) from the drop down or tick box or any other ‘multiple possible answer’ things?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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  • Hey Lucus,

    Were you able to figure this out?

    Am also having trouble using dropdown variables in notification emails – values are coming up as blank. Test box values are the only ones being picked up.

    Can anybody HELP here?!


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