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  • Hello!

    I’m wondering if anyone has managed to create something that allows you to make references to anchors from other posts thus allowing you to link to a specific paragraph of a post externally. I don’t know if there is a buzz-word for this so sorry if this explanation seems long-winded.

    For example I would like to link to specific parts of a post (e.g. a diagram) from another page. In regular HTML of course all I would have to do is include an anchor and make reference to it in the URL but this grows a more complicated task when considering page-slugs/url-rewriting.

    Any ideas appreciated,


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  • I know of a so-called footnote ‘plug-in’* that is doing something similar, but here is my recommendation:

    In the post that you write, add for example


    Then, having labelled the figure, you can link to that caption/<IMG> (deeper page linking). Assuming the page is at /index.php?p=1


    (*)It does something so simple, so can barely be labeled a plug-ins

    Replace BRACKET_RIGHT with >
    Replace BRACKET_LEFT with <

    The forum software is trying to ‘help’ me.

    Edit: thanks moshu

    <a href="/index.php?p=1#fig_1">Figure 1</a>

    <a name="fig_1">Caption: Figure 1</a>

    I think “id” instead of “name” should work too.

    you just have to read the instructions below the text input area… put code in backticks = the little things that are usually on the same key as ~ [tilde]

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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