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    When using Foornotes with Elementor Accordion element, the “+” button to expand the list of references at the bottom of every accordion section, only works in the FIRST accordion section but not in any of the other sections.

    1. Preferably, I’d rather have those references at the bottom of the POST for all accordion sections, not independently for every accordion section.

    2. If not possible, at least fix so that referenced can be expanded for every section.

    WordPress 5.5.3
    PHP 7.3.23 (64bit)

    Activated Plugins:
    Duplicate Page 4.3
    Duplicate Page and Post 2.6.3
    eStore Credit Card Default PayPal Checkout Option 1.1
    Extra Shortcodes for WP eStore 5.1.9
    footnotes 2.1.1
    Media Library Folders for WordPress 6.0.4
    PDF Embedder 4.6.1
    PDF Poster 1.6.3
    SG Optimizer 5.7.6
    SmartVideo 2.0.19
    TablePress 1.12
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore 1.16.35
    WP eMember 10.1.7
    WP eStore 8.0.7
    WP Maintenance Mode 2.2.4
    Elementor 3.0.13
    Elementor Pro 3.0.5
    Yoast SEO 15.3

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  • Plugin Author pewgeuges


    I’m sorry for all the useless wording I inflicted on our users over a couple days.

    Fixing the bug only took disabling the widget_text hook in Footnotes dashboard > Expert mode > widget_text -> uncheck, save.

    That caused the dysfunctional multiple reference containers to disappear, and a single reference container to appear at the bottom, as intended with all footnotes in it.

    In Elementor, every accordion heading counts as a widget. While originally designed to populate the widget areas, widgets can be embedded in post and page content using various plugins. Hence, calling a stack of widgets an accordion, or the other way around: declaring each accordion heading a widget, was a design choice that did not disrupt.

    As a consequence, Footnotes’ upcoming bugfix release 2.1.3 has the widget_text hook disabled by default.

    A pre-release is already available at

    Thread Starter morsagmon


    Thank you very much, pew!
    How a simple fix is often hidden from the eye…

    Plugin Author pewgeuges


    Thanks, Mor, for your kind reply.
    It was my ignorance about widgets being so currently nested amidst the content.

    I wouldn’t have made accordions stacked widgets. That only prevents site owners from having footnotes in other widgets while plugins cannot distinguish between accordion widgets and true widgets in the widget area.

    Plugin Author pewgeuges


    Once the widget quiproquo was fixed by disabling footnotes processing in all widgets, and letting Footnotes process all footnotes in the post content as intended, two other issues gained focus:

    1. Line-wrapping URLs in footnotes so they don’t hang out of the screen on mobiles in Unicode-non-compliant user agents.

    This has been fixed in our current development version 2.1.4d1 available at by wrapping those URLs into a word-wrap:break-word span as will be reported later in

    2. Margins around the reference container.

    Some themes, among which Hello Elementor (no other theme found so far doing this) display the reference container at the end of the post as if it was in the footer, i.e. without margins, when the page has been edited in Elementor, not when it has been edited in the Block editor. The fix is to add a left and right margin, and to have a footer below. Usually the theme does this automatically.

    That needs to be reported on the relevant Forum.

    This is only a short summary for a follow-up on the Forum, where support activity is located.

    Plugin Author pewgeuges


    As a brief follow-up, I need to report that both the issue about widgets and the issue about margins are stuck:

    0. Footnotes in widgets

    Elementor advised to move the issue to GitHub:

    It turns out that we need to fix another bug in Footnotes to begin with. Footnotes inserts a reference container at the bottom of each widget that has footnotes, yet it is unable to make them functional, as every reference container in the same page is given the same function names and arguments. No matter if the widgets are added inline by Elementor when making an accordion, or in the widget area, footnotes in widgets are a non-starter.

    As the only quick fix, the widget_text hook is now disabled by default, and a warning has been added in the dashboard not to enable it. That will be in our upcoming bugfix release 2.1.4.

    Depending on the content, declaring accordion headings as widgets and getting Footnotes to append individual reference containers may even be good design, as it may be preferred, see

    Post authors should be enabled to control the number of reference containers: one per page vs one per toggle section. These should then have widget status, as they are having in Elementor, and it’s up to Footnotes to provide shortcodes and to enable/disable hooks on a per-post basis, not globally only. And, as mentioned, it’s up to Footnotes to disambiguate multiple reference containers within a page.

    More specifically, reference containers should enable to read on at whatever footnote referrer, so if the container is at the bottom of a page featuring an accordion, each backlink click should also expand the relevant heading.

    (1. has been fixed as previously reported.)

    2. Margins around the reference container

    This has been reported too, on the Hello Elementor theme forum: but has not received any answer so far, while it does not link to open issues on the Footnotes forum either; and since it is code-related too, the same response applies: move it to GitHub. This one will probably be a better fit for opening an issue over there at this point. I didn’t proceed yet because the problem can be fixed on a per-case basis (using custom CSS or an up-coming style setting in Footnotes), and because we’re still busy with fixing bugs and meeting basic expectations and requirements.

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    I just posted an update, but the forum engine deleted all the text and throws an error: “Error: Are you sure you wanted to do that?”

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