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    I have sections of the site that are only available to registered users. When a guest goes to this section, they are directed to the login page with the redirect saved. But if the guest was not registered earlier, they will need to go to the registration page and then the referral will be lost. I would like to save the referral from the current URL to the “Register” button, so that after registration, the already registered user is redirected to a page that was previously unavailable to him. Please tell me if it is possible to do this?


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  • Plugin Contributor Champ Camba


    Hi @footballher0

    Unfortunately, you will need to customize the Register redirection after successful redirection.

    I would store the referral ID or URL in session or cookie and then use after the Registration is completed. Here’s the action hook that you can use to trigger the completed registration: um_registration_complete – params: $user_id, $args.

    Hope this helps.


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