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  • awesome! looks like you have a solid niche market, and also major props on keeping it going consistently for 6 months! a solid accomplishment. I have a question though, are those paid advertisements on your site? or links to other sites you run? I’m curious to know how much a banner goes for on a page with 2000 visits/month

    thanks! yes they are paid ads… can’t really share costs but lets say it covers the running of the site 😉

    Any one got any ideas how I change the login text link into a button? (I’m using the minimeta widget).

    Haha well paid ads are always good! as my stats continue to go up I’m looking into my options and poking around, I don’t mean to probe too much but do you mind if I ask what widget or plugin you have the banners in? I’m trying to find something that will work well with my site’s layout.

    As for a login button, I’m not sure of anything that will make it’s appearance look any better than the text, I had the same problem, but solved it by taking out the login button completely. To me, it seems unnecessary for a site without multiple contributers. Now to login, I just have to the login url, which is ‘yourdomain’.com/wp-admin
    Its not too much of a hassle hope this helps!

    cheers – I’m using the ‘adrotate’ plugin for the banners.

    Regarding logging-in, fair point. A lot of my site is restricted to registered users though… will have a ‘play’ and see what I can do.

    I would definitely fix the background to stretch across the entire background. There is black poking out of each side!

    that’s wierd… looks OK on my screens (right to the edge)up to 1680×1050. That image is sized at 1800×1200 and centred so should fill most screens…. are you using something with a higher res than that?

    Mine is 1920×1080. Also some people like to hit (CTRL)+(-) to zoom out of webpages and if they do that to yours, you will also see the black. You could tile it? If you edit the image with seamless tiling, you wouldn’t even know the difference. It would be like a neverending ocean.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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