• Ive been making a theme for WP 2.0 and its name is RedVista. You can see it when you push my name. Its possible to get it in 2 different interfaces. The one on my blog, and the one when you look at disclaimer(that one i made for 1.5 a while ago, but also works with 2.0.
    When youre interested, yust send me a mail. The adres you find in the footer on my blog.

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  • *pushing* *crash*

    Dude, I pushed your name, as hard as I could. All it did was to knock my monitor off my desk. What gives?!

    Seriously though, very… very… red… theme.

    I would consider maybe making a light transparency where the posts are. That way it looks more tied together. Nice header, though. Could use lighter text.

    Some fun is always nice!

    Have changed the text colour into a lighter one. Also the red is gone, and is a fresh background

    Very nice improvement. You may still want to use a transparency (using CSS) behind the body of the text, that way the text isn’t lost in the background when you scroll up.

    May want to take a look at http://www.domedia.org/oveklykken/css-transparency.php or do a search on Yahooglemsn (pick one) for “css transparency” or something.

    Thanxzzzz gnorb, Im gonna work with that as well this week. Ive been looking for something like that but could not realy find it. You made my day 😀

    just made some more visual edits on the template. Any sugestions, or comments? Please some feedback!

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