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Reducing line height in nav dropdown

  • Hi there

    I’ve not been successful with a few issues posted to Hatch support, and need to wind this up asap as it is soon going to cost me in lost business.

    I need to figure out how to change the colour of the Profile blurb, so it matches the rest of the site. There appear to be some issues in other areas as well. e.g. text under various headings is not the same colour as the main body text.

    A big issue is the line height between links in the nav bar. I have spent 2 days trying to figure these things out myself and am at my end.

    Lastly, I would love to be able to reduce vertical space on the home page to lift the bottom squares up.

    Please please can someone help me resolve these problems?

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  • Have you a Child Theme or Custom Style/CSS plugin?
    When making appearance changes, you don’t want to be editing the original theme’s files, as your changes will erase upon theme update.

    Furthermore, post a link of the problematic web page, otherwise we can’t envisage the problem.

    I have a custom theme and I have been editing the style.css. Good to know about the theme upgrade, I suppose I should make a copy of the style.ss as a backup?

    The page is here although the pages I was talking about have disappeared with another problem I encountered today, but the vertical spacing can be seen on the home page in the text block on the left.

    Corporate & Commercial | Sydney Photographers

    Only changes to themes not custom will erase, so you don’t need to worry about that.

    For the vertical spacing, I don’t quite understand what’s wrong with the text block on the left of the Home page. Can you specify please?

    Thanks Andrew 🙂 I wanted less space between the lines vertically, specifically to fit everything on one page. (Not the home page, a page that disappeared a few hours ago and crashed WP.)

    Let us know when the page and problem is back for us to look at.

    The problem is the same as the vertical spacing on the link I gave you. There is too much space between the lines for my liking.

    Can you tell me how to shrink that gap? I presume there is some king of style command that I’ve not been able to find.

    You could add this CSS;

    #author-bio {
     line-height: 1.4em;

    Play about with values of the line-height.

    Ah I see now I understand why you wanted to know what actual page it was. Apologies, I don’t have a head for this technical stuff 😮 Hence my constant daily battle with WP.

    I have put another post somewhere about trying to get WP back, so I’ll come back to this post when it is back up, hopefully it won’t take me days to sort out again.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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