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  • Amazing amount of file size reduction on website – 78%! As a designer I have lots of hi-rez images on my website, For a one-time fee of only $5.99, Imagify bulk-reduced 542 images from a total of 387.5Mb way down to 84.8Mb. The quality after optimization is practically indistinguishable from the original images. And I still have 60% of my allowable credit left, which means I can continue to optimize another 600Mb of files as I add them to the site. This is one of the most awesome services I’ve ever used. All done in one single step (but it took about 4 hours to process, in which time you can still do anything else on your computer – or play with the cats – and you can watch the meter for number of files and amount of optimization so far). The price is a super deal. Page load is screaming fast now. I just can’t believe how much these images have been trimmed with no perceptible loss of quality. There’s a monthly plan (also just $5 or so per month) to optimize as images are added, but I’m just going to use up the credit and run this again in a few months and a few months after that, after I upload more images. Highly recommended if you have lots of images on your website. Simply add the plugin to your WordPress site as you would any standard plugin, then you can purchase the $5.99 bulk upload. There’s also a free service where you can optimize images one by one, manually.

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