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  • Does anyone have a clue where to edit the stylesheet.css in order to reduce the space between paragraphs? I’m using the K2 theme and I can tell you that whoever provides an answer to the question will be held in very high regard.

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  • Set the margins and paddings of <p> to zero in style.css with:

    p {

    You’ll probably want to have some margins but you can start out with that and then just try different values (in px) to get the look you want. Also, the margin-value accepts negative values (like -10px and so on.)

    Good luck!

    I can’t find <p> in the style.css – under what section is it? Are you sure this is where to look for the K2 theme style.css? Many many thanks!

    <p> is the html-tag for “paragraph”.

    Adding that code in the stylesheet (style.css) will affect how it looks.

    it’s not supposed to be there, you’re adding it.

    you’re great!


    Nice to see someone notices that fact! *lmao* (kidding, just kidding!!)

    (If you solved it you may want to put this thread as “resolved”.)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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