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  • Hi guys, how do I reduce the padding/margin/gap between the navigation menu and the metaslider on my site?

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  • Hey there dearsabah,

    Hope you’re well today!

    I’ve checked the theme and it appears that there is some bottom padding on the header and top padding on content but since I’m not sure how you’re adding slider to the theme it would be best if you could post link to your site so I can take a look and provide some custom CSS to reduce that space.

    Looking forward for your response 🙂


    Hello bojan! Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I added the meta slider via PageBuilder by SiteOrigin

    My website is

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi sabah,

    You have a nice website. To fix your problem, you just need to ajust the snippet below in your “style.css” file.

    .home .site-content {
      margin-top: 0px; /* originally, there was 100px, use any lower value : 20px is good */

    See if this works.



    Hi Rachid. Thank you for your kind compliment.

    I’ve tried setting the value to 20px but it nothing happened.

    If you can see the margin/gap between the header and the metaslider is still very huge. 🙁

    Can the mod please remove this thread or the link to my site at least please? I have received over 30 malicious login attempts to my site ever since I posted it here.


    Try now decreasing the value of the “margin-top” mentioned above :

    I used this and it looked nice :

    .home .site-content {
      margin-top: -30px; /* you can use -30px or -25px and so on until you get it how you like it */

    This is how it looks :



    for logins attemps, have you tried using a plugin that controls that. One of the most used is “Limit Login Attempts” (note : it is no longer maintained.

    Here is its link :

    Good Luck !

    Hi Rachid! It works perfectly. Now one thing left me concern about this theme is the padding between widgets (I’m using Page Builder by SiteOrigin) and since this theme had the widgets tab missing, I am forced to add footer widgets using the page builder. But the thing is, the widgets using the page builder doesn’t stick to the site credit.

    So the question is, how do I add back the widgets settings tab? If I can’t do so, how can I make the footer widgets stick to the site credits at the bottom?

    Thank you in advance!

    BTW Rachid, if you see this post, please help me write a code to remove the meta infos on each of the posts such as author, date, category and etc.? Thank you so much for your help.

    Hi Sabah,

    That’s great! Now, for to remove meta infos in your posts, the easiest way to do it is just hide it. This is done by adding the code snippet below to you style.css file:

    .post-meta {
      display: none;

    If you want more advanced ways, just take a look at this article :

    Cheers !

    For the widgets, the reason they not stick with the footer is that they are not included in the footer : they are part of the home page.

    You should look for the code that generates those tabs, and then put it in the footer.php file.

    it is difficult for me to tell how exactly this is done. in some cases, the code is in the index.php (located in “wp-content\themes\your-Theme-Name”) just before before this line :

    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    But every theme has its specific exceptions.

    Good Luck!

    Hi Rachid! Thank you for your help. My website couldn’t be better without your help. Appreciate it so much.

    One last problem with the website is that how do I hide the tagline? I want to show the logo online without the tagline on the frontpage.

    The theme doesn’t offer too many customizations but that’s how i like it. Simple.

    Sorry for the troubles. Thank you once again for the help.

    Hi Sabah,
    You can hide the tagline the same way you did with the meta infos.

    just add snippet blow to style.css :

    .site-description {
      display: none;

    if you want it just in the homepage, you should add the class home , as in below:

    .home .site-description {
      display: none;

    do notice that the menu qoes up to the same level as the logo (but it looks good).
    Here is how it looked :


    Thank you so much Rachid! That’s exactly how I wanted it to look like! 😀

    Couldn’t have done it without your help! Credits to you my friend!

    You are welcome.

    Please feel free to ask anytime.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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