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  • Resolved Andrew Tegenkamp


    We have a multisite and domain mapping but cannot get it to redirect and add the www correctly.

    For example, redirects back to but works great.

    It works fine on the other domain (plugin WordPress MU Domain Mapping) as ends up at

    I thought this was because the main site was setup as so I did these 3 updates and also updated DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE in wp_config:

    UPDATE wp_options SET  option_value =  '' WHERE  wp_options.option_id =1;
    UPDATE wp_options SET  option_value =  '' WHERE  wp_options.option_id =36;
    UPDATE wp_sitemeta SET  meta_value =  '' WHERE  wp_sitemeta.meta_id =14;

    This just gave me the redirect loop so I put everything back for now while I seek some help. Does anyone have any ideas? At this point I don’t have a preference if www is there or not but I would like both to work!

    I also tried some htaccess redirects above, during, and after the #BEGIN WORDPRESS# area but those always ended up giving me an Internal Server Error. I’m hosted with Dreamhost.


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  • Paul Barthmaier


    Contributor Day Volunteer

    I have never used the Domain Mapping plugin you reference, but your data suggests that the preference is to have the naked domain set as primary. I usually start off at the hosting level with and A record for the naked domain and a cName for www, although I understand that with this domain mapping plugin you can have a subdomain www that is distinct from the naked domain.

    Coming to WordPress, it’s curious that you chose 3 queries, but it seems to me that there are two that wouldn’t get picked up and they are pretty important, namely the wp_site and wp_blogs.

    Thanks Pali,

    I did just miss wp_site and wp_blogs as you suggested. This is the only multi-site blog I run at this time so I missed them in the database looking for URLs!

    It turns out it was not the plugin (thankfully since this setup runs 3 sites on 2 domains with more hopefully coming) and it looks like the plugin actually checks for www and non-www as now both domains redirect as I hoped such as and

    I appreciate the support!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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