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  1. adi339
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am looking at doing 301 redirects for all my sites. Just to associate the www with non www for the search engines.

    In many (if not most or all) themes, there seems to be code to change the url from either www to non www or visa versa (I find some of my sites go one way some the other - not due to anything I did)\

    I am wondering what affect the WP code has on a 301 redirect that you do either through a cpanel redirect (like HostGator's) or the htaccess file.

    Easiest for me, as a non-coder, is the cpanel redirect. But I am worried about what might happen if it is the opposite of what the theme is set up to do. (Yes, I cold find the theme code and take it out, but updates might put it back and it is a lot to keep track of).

    Also, does anyone know this -
    If the www has all the backlinks and I redirect to the non www, will I lose the (benefit of) the backlinks?

    Thanks for your input


  2. adi339
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Update - I found the general settings tab is where we specify this in WP. But is this a true 301 redirect or just sort a forwarding manuever?

    And I cannot use cpanel, it would have to be .htaccess file changes if the general settings are NOT a 301 redirect

  3. adi339
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Is the URL on the general setting tab a true 301 redirect or just sort a forwarding manuever?

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