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  • I’ve moved over to using WP from a normal type of website. Below is a sample url I’m trying to redirect:

    “” TO “

    so I entered it like below, obviously without the “TO”

    “/home.htm” TO “”

    I’ve also tried putting in the first field “/home.html”

    My server host uses Windows servers….could this cause the issue? Any assistance is appreciated, thanks!


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  • Having the same problem as cdapex. Former homepage URL not redirecting to new homepage Other 301 redirects within the site are working.This link is not helpful because I am not redirecting from the new WP site. I need old HTML homepage to redirect to new WP homepage.
    Thanks for any help!

    Plugin Author Scott Nelle


    Hi Chris,
    It looks like you have the redirect set up correctly. You could try shutting off your other plugins and then turning them on so that the redirect plugin is first in the chain.

    Do you have an example of a redirect that’s working on the same site? That might help me figure out what’s going wrong.

    To keep things clean, perhaps you could open a separate thread and let us know what you’ve put in to the request and destination fields for your home page redirect?

    I am helping a store owner finish her woocommerse site. Her old site that we are replacing is and the new WP site is She wants to keep the old url and replace it now with the WP site we are creating that currently has an under construction place holder page in place.
    I entered
    Request: Destination:
    and tried the reverse as well. Nothing is happening. Any thoughts/advice/direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Scott, the only redirects that work are existing pages on the new WP site where I only changed their location (url).

    Ya looks like Laurel is experiencing the same as me. None of my old html site urls will redirect. Does it matter if the old html site is no longer on the internet?

    Plugin Author Scott Nelle


    If the files are still in place the redirects won’t work, because WordPress (and therefore the plugin) will ignore the requests if the files exist.

    The site you’re redirecting from has to be running WordPress and you have to install the plugin there.

    To redirect from an old domain to the new domain, ask the web host to help you set up a “Domain-level 301 redirect” from the old site to the new one. You can read more about that here:

    Thanks so much for the help! I really appreciate it. I knew I was missing something. Thanks again & have a great day!

    Ya the old site was taken down 20 days ago, so I’m losing 7yrs of ranking. Anyone know how to get these redirects working?

    Please note my WP site/database is on a Windows server.

    Plugin Author Scott Nelle


    If you want to go right to the source and skip the plugin, this is how you do redirection with IIS.

    You can also email me the contents of your 301_redirects option in the wp_options table or just a screenshot of the polugin interface and I can help you debug further.

    Hey Scott thanks man, but I think I’ll just email my server host with a list of redirects and let them set it up.

    I’ll keep using Simple 301 for the pages that I’ve moved on my current WP site as it works fine for those pages. Thanks for creating it 🙂

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