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  • Hello,

    I have run into a very strange issue, and as a result, roughly 60% of my content has disappeared. I recognize that the root of the issue lies with Blogger/Google, but I’m desperate here, and I’m very much hoping that someone with this plugin can help me.

    I am currently working on transferring my Blogger site ( to my new WordPress site ( I have successfully imported all of my content to WordPress. The last step was to set up redirects. I hired a developer to do this. She used your “Blogger to WordPress Redirection” plugin and followed the steps at this site:

    Unfortunately, something went wrong, and all of the individual posts on Blogger ended up being redirected to my WordPress homepage rather than to their specific permalinks on WordPress. Because this wasn’t the proper result for the redirects, I told my developer to undo the redirect so that we could look into the issue. She attempted to do so. And THAT is where the real trouble started.

    What happened is that, for whatever reason, when she “reversed” the redirect, many of the permalinks on my Blogger site were CHANGED. For example, I have a post titled “Pitch Perfect 2”. The proper permalink for that post is as follows:

    If you Google “moviemanifesto pitch perfect 2”, the top hit will be to that link. But if you click on that hit, you’ll be told that the page doesn’t exist. That’s because, on Blogger, my post for Pitch Perfect 2 now has the following permalink:

    Note the “_28” at the end of the link. Roughly two-thirds of my Blogger posts have had their permalinks adjusted in this fashion, with an underscore and a numeral added to the end of the link. (Sometimes the numeral mirrors the date of the post, but not always.) I’ve tried to edit these permalinks back to their proper URL, but while Blogger will let me change the link to a *different* URL, it won’t let me change them to the *correct* URL; instead, when I try to delete these extra characters, it automatically adds them back in.

    My developer tried running a restore on Blogger from the .xml file that she downloaded before she did the importing. This did not work.

    So, right now, anyone Googling for a post on my site will be invariably taken to a bad link. That isn’t a problem in and of itself, because in the end, I want everything redirected to WordPress anyway. But my problem is, how do I set up redirects for permalinks that no longer exist??

    I’ve submitted support posts at Blogger, at WordPress, and at Google Analytics. I also spent an hour on the phone last night with my hosting platform. Nobody has helped. Is it possible that someone with this plugin could please help me??

    Essentially, I’m looking to do one of two things:

    1. Restore Blogger properly so that the old permalinks are restored, then run the redirect again (and have it work this time).

    2. Ignore the current issue with Blogger, but somehow redirect all of the proper permalinks to WordPress anyway.

    Please, please help if at all possible. Right now, a huge chunk of SEO that I’ve spent the last 10 years building up is essentially gone, because people who find my site on Google will be clicking on broken links.

    Thank you.

    – Jeremy

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author nitun


    Hi @jeremybeck

    1. Edit any of the articles which are imported from the and verify the custom fields value for the name blogger_blog, whatever Blogspot domain is there, the URL will redirect on that. Also check if blogger_permalink custom fields value, it should be the correct slug which should match to blogpost URL. If it doesn’t then you will need to re-import the content correctly or write MySQL query to update those values.

    2. Make sure the script code provided by the plugin is placed correctly in the template without any modification.

    As you mentioned the blogspot URL is changed, it’s a really strange thing. It should not happen. I don’t have any idea about this.


    @nitunlanjewar jumping into this thread because i dont want to start a new one…I am also having same problem as original poster..just the first problem -the redirect is only going to front page of my new wordpress site but not to specific posts. How can I fix this please? Thank you!

    Plugin Author nitun


    @kabbalisticvillage – Kindly verify the two points on your WordPress website as well as


    @nitunlanjewar not sure what you mean two points but here is the original site – which will take you to the new site

    However if you search on google for an old post and click on it, it wont take you to same post on new site. Thank you!

    Plugin Author nitun


    Hi @nitunlanjewar , I’m having the same problems as @kabbalisticvillage for three blogger sites that I’ve imported into wordpress. The redirects used to work but now, they don’t work on any of the the blogs. I’ve checked against the two points you posted and:
    1. Yes, slug is the same
    2. I copy + pasted the code into blogger as instructed. I have noted, however, that after a while, code appears between <b:widget id=’Blog1′ locked=’false’ title=’Blog Posts’ type=’Blog’> and </b:widget> – it seems to have happened for all three blogs. Is this due to the plugin running?

    Right now, no matter which blogger link I click, I get directed back to the home page instead of the page I want to go to, even for links that were working previously.

    Please let me know if there’s anything I did wrong, thanks!

    ETA: I have also noticed that in the list of blogs, my wordpress domain is also included. i.e. the list of blogs is

    Could this be affecting the redirect? If so, please let me know how to fix this, thanks!

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