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    I am running wordpress offline on a localhost on my PC.

    It installed fine but when I try to login, it will redirect to my http://localhost/wp-admin/ and displays all the php files instead.

    Where can I modify the code to make it redirect to the index.php file like it does when running on a domain.?

    Many thanks


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  • Configure APACHE to recognize index.php as a default file.

    thanks HandySolo for your quick reply.

    This would be difficult for me as I have 3 different bulletin boards complete with portals ALL configured to work good on my localhost….to change apache would stop my other localhost programs working.

    I have simply made a small mod within each of my bulletin board php files as they had similar redirect problems and that worked. I was hoping that someone could direct me towards the php file in wordpress that would do the same??

    Hope you understand my dilemma

    thanks again,


    I found it…whoopee

    I added /index.php to a line of code in the wp-login.php file and now it logs in ok.

    Thing is….looks like every link might also have to be changed to stop it redirecting all the time when a link within the press is clicked….damn…is there maybe another way round this??


    Back up. Don’t change the wp or bb configs, Change the apache config file to put index.php in that directory’s config (you may have to make an apache sub-directory entry)

    Granted it’s not the easiest config file to deal with but a lot better than changing php code on a whim.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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