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  • Resolved Gal Baras


    WP Control is showing a cron event called redirection_log_delete with the Action column set to “None”. I think this means that a matching action was not found, and the job will not do anything.

    Is this job needed? If so, what’s the proper definition for it?

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  • Plugin Author John Godley


    The hook is used to expire old logs. I’ve never used WP Control so I can’t say what the action column means. Do you think the job isn’t running?

    Gal Baras


    From I’ve seen in other cases, “None” means that the named action doesn’t have a corresponding definition, and therefore can’t be executed.

    I’ve installed WP Control on another site, just to confirm, and I see the same thing there, but when I click “run now”, logs are trimmed. Also, logs on other sites seem to be trimmed. Hmmm…

    +1 from this. I was just doing a search, being in the same exact situation. I also found the same job in WP Crontrol.

    I think the OP’s question is pretty much if it’s a superfluous/obsolete cron job that can be safely deleted, or if it’s there for a reason? Given that the action is empty, it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything even when it does run, so there isn’t any point to running it on a schedule. And it’s set to run once a day. I suppose that there’s little harm in leaving it as is, but things could get crowded or inefficient if too many plugins create cron jobs with no purpose. On the other hand it may just be the plugin not detecting the cron job correctly, and the job is indeed doing something. Anyway, it might be something worth giving a cursory glance to, just to see if it’s necessary to have it or not.

    Plugin Author John Godley


    I don’t know why the plugin shows that message. I also see the same message for quite a lot of other plugins, and I have no reason to suspect there is anything wrong with any of them.

    It’s not a superfluous job, and will likely be recreated if you delete it. Unused cron jobs are not going to add any noticeable load to your site, and it’s not something I would worry about.

    Thanks for the insight. At least now I know it’s not worth spending any time thinking about. Great plugin, by the way. Have a good one.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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