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  • You new link contains text not derivable from the old link, e.g. “23”, and “ufficiale-e-video-preview”. I think this plugin derives new links solely based on the text of old links, not other information of the post such as author, post date, category, etc.

    It seems you have to enter one rule for each of your links.

    Ok, thanks for the reply…

    If I change permalinks and I put /year/month/title like the old link, how could I delete the “.html” with the plugin redirect?
    thanks you a lot…

    I suggest:

    Source URL: /(.*)\.html$
    Target URL: /$1
    Regex: checked

    Thanks you a lot… If you want to come to my blog, you are welcome… ;-)…

    bye bye

    Just a last question… How could I manage exception?

    Old link: ​​/2011​/05​/sony-ericsson-ecco-android-233-su.html
    New link: /2011/05/sony-ericsson-ecco-android-2-3-3-su-xperia-play-e-xperia-arc/

    How could I fix manually? I try with
    ​from: /2011​/05​/sony-ericsson-ecco-android-233-su.html
    to: /2011/05/sony-ericsson-ecco-android-2-3-3-su-xperia-play-e-xperia-arc/

    and with
    from: ​/2011​/05​/sony-ericsson-ecco-android-233-su
    to: /2011/05/sony-ericsson-ecco-android-2-3-3-su-xperia-play-e-xperia-arc/


    You may input the exception rules firstly, and lastly input the generic rule. The generic rule will have the lowest priority.

    The priority is determined by the “position” of the rules. It seems that you cannot adjust the positions of existing rules (anybody knows how to update it without manipulating the backend database table please kindly let me know). Fortunately in most cases the later you input a rule, the lower priority it is. Occasionally I found a new rule is placed at the midst of existing rules. It is a total mystery to me.

    Ok.. thanks you very much…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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