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  • That’s it.

    It won’t work if the plugin asks me for a relative or absolute path for the “from”, since it could be unpredictable.

    Basically, I bought this prezi player which is the only hack on the web to auto-load the presentation, and the swf on the client side ALWAYS requests the files to be NEXT to the current page, so those files should be found in EVERY folder (anywhere) you have a page for!

    Thus, the folder (and all its contents) should be found at a fixed url REGARDLESS of where it was requested to be.

    The player was taken from the stand-alone one that prezi generates, so it was intended to be an app in your computer, being in the same folder than the page requesting it. So it should need something like a symbolic link, softlink, or whatever works for an app to be always found when requested from anywhere.

    Hopefully, I think the only problem is with the requests sent by the Client (http).

    Note: If you knew prezi presentations to be nice looking, DON”T BE FOOLED. Placing that presentation ANYWHERE other than their website, will make it look like bleep.

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