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  • Maybe I’m just doing something wrong, but various redirect “checkers” on the web confirm that the redirects this plugin is creating are 302 redirects, which is not what I want.

    All of the redirects this plugin is creating seem to be 302s. Again, not sure if this is user error or even a web hosting issue (?).

    In case it’s helpful, here are the specific redirects with which I’m having trouble (this plugin is installed at

    Redirect 1: URL redirect by matching URL and login status

    Source URL: /on-the-trail/wp/(.*)
    Target URL for logged-in status: (blank – I want to be able to still see the old site when I’m logged-in)
    Target URL for logged-out status:$1

    Redirect 2: Redirect from one URL to another (match URL)

    Source URL: /on-the-trail/wp/category/(.*)
    Target URL:$1

    Both redirects have “Regex” checked.

    Thanks much for your help!

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  • Okay, this issue is partly solved, and it was at least partially user error on my part.

    (By flipping the order of the redirect rules – putting the second one first and the first one second, etc. – the /category/ redirection started to work; that is, the HTTP status codes of its redirects are now 301, as intended.)

    I still can’t get the login-dependant redirects to register as 301 redirects – they’re still registering as 302s – but perhaps this is inherent to these types of redirects? (I’m somewhat of a newbie in this area.)

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