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  • All right, call me stupid… and extremely frustrated.

    I am attempting to use the “Redirection” plug in to mask affiliate links on my blog.

    I have tried just about every configuration I can think of, putting for the SOURCE URL what I want visitors to see for the link, and for TARGET what I want the actual, affiliate link to be. However, when they click on the link I want them to see, it sends them to an “Ooops, not found” page.

    Please, I could use a VERY simple, stet by step guide to setting up Redirection properly, so that affiliate links are not visible, including the correct settings for:

    type of URL setting
    type of Action setting
    should regular expression be checked?

    Also, do I need to create a name for the link I want visitors to see? I did try this, putting it as the Source link, and the Target link my affiliate link, but it only went to the “Ooops, not found” page, despite changing the settings configuration several times.

    My guess is that I am very close to getting it to work, as with the above config., the link shows the link name I made up (which includes my site URL) BUT it simply doesn’t pull up the actual affiliate page I am setting as the Target link.

    All assistance is much appreciated.


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  • Never mind– I was correct– I was very close. What I love about WP is that, though it is very powerfull, and at times complicated, with a little bit more thought I can usually get done what I need to.

    Here’s my step by step for using the “Redirection” plug in– works great!

    Setting up “Redirection” plug in to mask affiliate links:
    1 In WP Control panel, Click “Links”> “New”
    2 Create a link category called “Recommended”
    3 Create a link that has the URL name you WANT visitors to see—in the “Recommended” category: make sure link is set to “public”
    4 Install the link just created in the “Recommended” category on the page/ pages & locations you prefer
    4 Go to Plugins> Redirection> Settings> Add new redirection
    5 Source URL: the name I gave the newly created link
    6 Target: the actual affiliate link
    7 :Set:
    Match to “URL only
    Action to “Redirect only”
    Leave Regular expression UNCHECKED
    8 test links to verify the affiliate link is masked and goes to affiliate site
    9 Test order the product, to verify you are given credit for referral

    Hi George, I should have done a more thorough search, as I would have found your post and saved myself creating a new thread.

    What I wanted to ask you is, do you really need to place the link you want the public to see in a ‘Recommended’ category? What if I’m writing a post reviewing some book or software and I put the desired link there and then follow your steps from No 4-9? Wouldn’t that work?


    Yup– that should work just fine. The Redirection plug in will mask any URL you want to change the appearance for.


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