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  • damiantheman


    Hello there,

    I have a slight redirection issue with my site. I’ve had a page, let’s call it /about. I then wanted to create a new version of this page. Now instead of editing the already existing page (which I probably should have done), I cloned this page, changed some content, and added new content. When I was done with this new page, I went to /about and changed the URL to /about-old, and published the page. Then I went to the new page which I cloned, and added content on, and made the URL /about since now that permalink is free to use (or so I thought). I went ahead and published, thinking I now have 2 pages, /about and /about-old.

    However, when I try to view /about, in preview mode everything works fine. But in live mode, when I click the permalink, I get brought to /about-old, and the old page again. It’s like /about is redirecting to /about-old. I am not sure how to resolve this and am not sure where I can manage my redirections.

    I read on Google that I need to manage redirections in a database that’s connected to the website, but I’m not sure where that’s located.

    Let me know if you have any solutions.

    Thank you.

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  • this is what I will do…

    1. Clone /about-old (again)
    2. Delete (forever) /about-out (to clean up whatever URL redirection of the page)
    3. Update /about
    4. Update permalink (twice)

    hope these help

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