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  • Sorry foe the basic question but I have looked over tons of posts and can not find the answer.

    I cloned a site and moved it to a new domain.

    I want to redirect traffic from:

    1) certain pages on old domain over to the new domain (pages are still named the same)

    2) all old blog posts from old domain to the same blog post in the new domain

    3) all other traffic not pointing to a specific resource on the new domain to redirect to the home page.

    I have made redirect from the old domain like to so #1 is done.

    But I can not figure out how to redirect any traffic that does not have a redirection setup to the home page.

    Plus how can I direct a blog post from the old domain to the same post on the new domain without setting a redirection for 800 or so posts?

    Thanks, I have tried all kinds of stuff with not luck at all.

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  • Hi, hookedonweb. Did you ever figure this out? I am trying to do the same thing and I got it working. The pages are the same on the new site as well. So to get it working I put in the root domain as the source and the target domain in the Target, like this:

    Title: Site Transfer
    Source URL:
    Target URL:
    HTTP Code: 301

    The problem with this method is that EVERY PAGE is redirected, including the admin and login pages. I remained logged in so going directly to the wp-admin page brought me to the oldsite dashboard correctly. But someone else tried it who wasn’t logged in and they were redirected from the login page of the oldsite to the login page to the new site. I haven’t figured this part out yet.



    Hi phatmonkey,

    Can you please let me know how you did the full site 301 URL redirect using just one redirect?

    I have my old blog at and I want it to 301 redirect to along with every other URL that goes with it like to The URL structure is 100% identical from my old blog to my new blog site (I used the backupbuddy plugin to make the site transfer, so it is an exact copy of my old site just with a new domain name.) So I was reading your post above and saw there is a way of doing some sort of simple 301 redirect that will redirect every old site URL’s to all of the new site corresponding URL’s without having to manually type in all 1,500 URL’s 1 by 1 is this correct and if so can you PLEASE tell/show me how to do it using your plugin? We have a LOT of traffic going to our old domain name blog that we need redirected to our new domain name blog. Our new domain name site has taken a HUGE hit from Google because of having all the duplicate content and not doing the 301 redirects from our old one yet. I am a little nervous to just fumble around and “try” it on my own, and I would feel 1,000% better hearing from you on exactly how to do it 🙂

    Looking forward to your reply (or anyones reply for that matter on how to do this 🙂

    Hi, OnlineMarketingHelpers.

    If you follow what I wrote in the previous post it should work. Like I said, the problem is that it redirects EVERYTHING, including the admin and login pages, so if you don’t remain logged in at then you won’t be able to access your old site’s dashboard. In that case you’d have to delete the plugin manually from your plugins directory.

    Good luck.



    Hi phfatmonkey,

    So I did it just like your post said:

    Source URL:
    Target URL:

    Under the Redirects tab and I left the Match section in the middle as is but it only redirected my home page?

    Am I missing something here?

    Please help

    Hey, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I can’t get it to work anymore. We actually had transferred the site from the original through two test beds before the final site. The transfer from the original to the final worked fine, but because too many people needed to access the admin page to the original site, the IT director put an old-fashioned redirect that just directs to the homepage. So I tried the Redirection Plugin with one of the test beds and it doesn’t work. I wonder if there’s a problem with going from http to https. That’s the only difference I can think of on my side.

    One thing I noticed I tried on the old site was I had Regular Expressions checked. Although I tried that with this new test i got a “URL is too long” error.

    Anyway, I’ll look around a bit for a solution.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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