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[Resolved] Redirection loop: Page redirecting to itself sometimes

  • Hello,

    I am experiencing a strange error: I have created a multisite network with WordPress 3.5.1. On a test blog, I have set up a HTTP 301 redirect using the Quick Post/Page Redirect Plugin:

    When I open this link in Firefox or Chromium (Linux Mint), I get an error saying that the browser has encountered a redirection loop.

    I have recorded the HTTP headers of one single request of that page using the Firefox addon “Live HTTP headers”.

    You see that the redirect from http://testlv.ppby.de/2013/04/01/redirect-test/ to http://testlv.ppby.de/2012/09/26/staatliches-regionalfernsehen/ works, but then the latter page always redirects to itself.

    But if I open http://testlv.ppby.de/2012/09/26/staatliches-regionalfernsehen/ directly in my browser, it is displayed without my browser throwing any error.

    Active plugin on this specific blog:
    – Quick Page/Post Redirects Plugin
    – YD Network-wide options

    I’ve also tried the “Disable Canonical Redirects” plugin, but it does not make a difference if it is active or not.

    I’ve also tried creating redirects on another blog in the same network using the Redirection plugin instead of Quick Page/Post Redirects, but the same error occured.

    Network activated plugins:
    – Quick Cache
    – WordPress MU Domain Mapping
    – WP Last Login
    – Network Plugin Auditor
    – Exclude Plugins


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  • I have found a workaround for this problem. I just hook into the wp_redirect filter and add a “Connection: close” HTTP header.

    function close_connection_after_redirect($location,$status) {
        header("Connection: close",true);
        return $location;

    I haven’t found out yet what has actually caused the redirect loop, but this workaround solves the problem for me.


    This error is gone since we deactivated Apache’s mod_cache plugin. This behaviour might have been related to ticket #12175.

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