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    I am experiencing a strange error: I have created a multisite network with WordPress 3.5.1. On a test blog, I have set up a HTTP 301 redirect using the Quick Post/Page Redirect Plugin:

    When I open this link in Firefox or Chromium (Linux Mint), I get an error saying that the browser has encountered a redirection loop.

    I have recorded the HTTP headers of one single request of that page using the Firefox addon “Live HTTP headers”.

    You see that the redirect from to works, but then the latter page always redirects to itself.

    But if I open directly in my browser, it is displayed without my browser throwing any error.

    Active plugin on this specific blog:
    – Quick Page/Post Redirects Plugin
    – YD Network-wide options

    I’ve also tried the “Disable Canonical Redirects” plugin, but it does not make a difference if it is active or not.

    I’ve also tried creating redirects on another blog in the same network using the Redirection plugin instead of Quick Page/Post Redirects, but the same error occured.

    Network activated plugins:
    – Quick Cache
    – WordPress MU Domain Mapping
    – WP Last Login
    – Network Plugin Auditor
    – Exclude Plugins


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  • I have found a workaround for this problem. I just hook into the wp_redirect filter and add a “Connection: close” HTTP header.

    function close_connection_after_redirect($location,$status) {
        header("Connection: close",true);
        return $location;

    I haven’t found out yet what has actually caused the redirect loop, but this workaround solves the problem for me.


    This error is gone since we deactivated Apache’s mod_cache plugin. This behaviour might have been related to ticket #12175.

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