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Redirection entries at MySQL Slow Query Log

  • gezginrocker


    MySQL slow query log is populated with loads of Redirection queries. Is there a solution for that? I’m pasting a sample query below. Thanks.

    # Query_time: 0.000642 Lock_time: 0.000140 Rows_sent: 0 Rows_examined: 4
    SET timestamp=1336268185;
    SELECT wp_redirection_items.*,wp_redirection_groups.tracking,wp_redirection_groups.position AS group_pos,wp_redirection_modules.id AS module_id FROM wp_redirection_items INNER JOIN wp_redirection_groups ON wp_redirection_groups.id=wp_redirection_items.group_id AND wp_redirection_groups.status=’enabled’ INNER JOIN wp_redirection_modules ON wp_redirection_modules.id=wp_redirection_groups.module_id AND wp_redirection_modules.type=’wp’ WHERE( wp_redirection_items.regex=1 OR wp_redirection_items.url=’/sample-page/’);


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