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  • Our site is built with Pods CMS Framework and therefore includes custom data types. We suddenly started getting mysterious redirect loops when accessing specific pages. Deactivating the Redirection plugin turned out to be the answer to the problem. Detecting the problem wasn’t at all easy since the pages with the redirect loops had no relationship whatsoever to page redirects we’d set up under Redirection. But apparently, Redirection has been known to clash with custom data types for quite some time.

    All we want is simple, reliable page redirection. We don’t want a plugin that interacts with – and disables – parts of our site that it hasn’t been asked to touch.

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  • Experienced a similar problem caused by changing categories of posts. Perhaps you’ve worked out a solution since, but for the benefit of anyone else, here’s the solution.

    In your wp-admin panel, click “Tools” then “Redirection”.

    In the top right corner of the page, you should be able to see a dropdown box which says, “Redirections”. Click it and select “Modified Posts”, then search. You’ll be able to see all the posts with redirection applied to them. Simply delete the required redirections and it *should* solve the issue.

    It worked for us, so hopefully it’ll work for you too!

    Thank you! This was killing me when WPML root language URL /en/ was constantly redirecting to some content page. I didn’t even know that Redirection automatically keeps track of Modified Posts, so never would’ve thought to look there.

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