Redirecting WordPress urls - doable? (2 posts)

  1. gvtexas
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I posted something on a theme site with a misspelled title (thus the slug too). Instead of asking the site owner to fix the link, I corrected the title and slug and tried using a temporary redirect in .htaccess. But it doesn't work with the WP permalink structure I'm using (/year/month/day/slug/). At the moment I have the title fixed but left the misspelled slug alone so the link works.

    I tried both post-specific and even a directory-specific (thinking that the WP permalink looks more like a directory):

    Redirect /imblog/2005/02/11/lucious/ http://www.inkmuse.com/imblog/2005/02/11/luscious/


    Redirect /imblog/2005/02/11/lucious http://www.inkmuse.com/imblog/2005/02/11/luscious/

    (even tried with a slash after lucious in the directory example)

    Regardless, both process at the target site as

    http://www.inkmuse.com/imblog/2005/02/ 11/luscious/?year=2005&monthnum=02 &day=11&name=lucious&page=

    (line breaks added to keep code in the column)

    Is it not possible to do a redirect as I've written? Granted I could write it like this:

    Redirect /imblog/2005/02/11/lucious/ http://www.inkmuse.com/imblog/index.php?

    Except you can't easily use & in a redirect without causing a server 500 error.

    How can this be accomplished?

  2. moeffju
    Posted 10 years ago #


    Redirect permanent /old/url/old-slug-name http://new/url/index.php?name=new-slug-name

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