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  • I have run into a problem with your plugin and so that we’re clear about this, I donated a while back. Nice plugin.

    Also I’m not running any low level .htaccess redirects. It’s all wordpress based at this point. At the same time, I’m using the standard URL redirects that come with wordpress and my url structure looks like this ->>

    So the problems I’ve run into are these….

    1.) When I deactivate the plugin, shouldn’t it stop working ? Meaning no further redirection ? So if I go to, which has a rule to redirect to, it should stop working at that point the moment the plugin is deactivated right ? Because there’s no redirect, it should default to yes ? However, that’s not what’s happening. Even after I disable the plugin, and then dump the browser cache, the damned thing still keeps redirecting! WTF!!!?!?!?!?

    This next one just cropped up today for some weird reason that I can not for the life of me figure out why it started. I haven’t touched the site in weeks except to add content, I have not made any modifications to the plugin or its settings since I installed it and set it up.

    2.) There seems to be a magical glitch somewhere with one specific URL that I haven’t coded for. There is no rule that’s generating this somewhere else. I have this page -> which there is NO rule for which somehow is automagically redirecting to all on it’s own. Even after the plugin is deactivated.

    Any guesses as to why this is happening ????

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  • I’m having the same problem, and would LOVE a solution!

    Browser and/or possibly server side cache. Clear your cache or try in another browser first, that’s usually it.

    edit: the second issue could just be a wordpress thing. WordPress will often match page requests to similar urls rather than go straight to a 404, a best guess really. You can stop it, but it’s normal behavior.

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    @essexweb. It wasn’t. I cleared my cache. I cleared the browser. I tried 3 different browsers on 3 different platforms. It wasn’t that. It’s the app.

    I’m experiencing the same issue as well. Thorough testing on different browsers, clearing the cache, and turning the app on/off, it seems to be directly related to the app itself.

    I have the same problem as well

    please do your best to support and giude how to remove it manually

    Thank You

    Same issue here—even after deleting the plugin.

    Deleting my browser’s cache seems to have solved the problem.

    Have you deleted the redirections in the plugin´s option page, before deactivation?

    @bhenselmann. Yes. And it (wordpress) is still redirecting. That’s not supposed to happen.

    @magicmiles. I´ve just installed the plugin and played around a little bit. On my website the WordPress-redirection is working fine – including stopping redirection after deleting the redirection. The Appache-redirection is not working at all, but this might be a problem with my server, I have to investigate.

    @bhenselmann. Mine did that too at first. It worked as expected. However after a few weeks of running all day, every day, something else corrupts it. So that you have to have to dump the settings and start again. I found a solution, which is to export the redirects, and then reimport them, after dumping the plugin and then downloading a fresh copy. Mind you all of your logfiles go with it but that can’t be helped. However this doesn’t explain why it’s happening in the first place. And obviously I’m not the only one where this happening to someone. 😉 So yeah, it (the app) will act as expected out of the box (per se) however we’re not talking out the box at this point, we’re talking weeks or months in and the app goes frakkin’ haywire. 🙁

    @magicmiles. Oh – this sounds crazy. I´ll keep an eye on. Thanks for the note!

    I’m having this trouble also. It seems to be interacting with the redirection system that WP has. I’ve tried cloning posts to create a new post with a new URL that should be outside of the redirection system. But regardless what I do, I cannot get a post to not be redirected.

    How do you export the redirects? Mine is acting up and I want to deactivate it or even delete and reinstall but don’t want to lose my work.

    I’m experiencing the similar problem that @magicmiles is. I thought I’d add another voice to the issue.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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