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  • Hi,
    I am now in need of some help.
    I have created a WP install on my home server (ClearOS 5.2) running at home. Now it comes to putting this live on the web, with the correct domain name and I’ve got some issues with not getting any further than the defined home page.

    Original status
    WP website was running perfectly across my Lan using BS1.home as the site address, and BS1.home/wp-admin to access the dashboard.
    Servername= BS1.home
    wp-settings were wordpress address= http://bs1.home and site address= https://bs1.home .

    Changes made
    To set this live I have a port fwd rule set in my router to direct to BS1.home, this was working fine with my previous static website (not WP).

    From the WP dashboard wp-settings, I then set site URL to and home to be
    This resulted in no access even to dashboard using the lan address.
    I had to manually edit the sql database to reset these and get back in to the dashboard

    Current status
    wordpressaddress= http://BS1.home
    dashboard accessible using bs1.home/wp-admin
    website (frontpage only) is accessible but page doesn’t show up correctly (looks like a template issue)
    dashboard not accessible from
    menus in website show up as but when clicked keep user on the frontpage
    url’s created from the page edit in dashboard show up as BS1.home/?page_id=##

    Help request
    The help I need is; What do I need to set to get the site rendering correctly and links all working? I can’t access any of the site other than a poor rendition of the frontpage from machines external to the LAN.

    Other information
    Server : ClearOS 5.2 (called bs1.home on my own LAN)
    Server Access : I have full access (root) to the server on the LAN if needed (i built it).
    File permissions : I believe these are correct (most are 755 folders and 644 files).
    File location : WP and all files are found in /var/www/html/
    Template : PrimePress
    .htaccess file doesn’t exist in /var/ww/html (I’ve checked for hidden files).
    frontpage : home page of website

    Thanks for any pointers (or precise answers 😉 )
    Steven Bratton

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  • I’ve done a bit more digging.
    When clicking on a menu item the page url box on the web browser changes to the correct page_id= for the menu item selected, BUT the displayed page doesn’t change. It jsut displays the same page that is identified in the “frontpage” option.


    The more I look into this and play around I believe it to be an access permissions issue with the web server. links are correct just the pages don’t display. Only the front page works.

    I’m thinking along the lines of webserver access permission or file permissions within the wordpress folders on /var/www/html/


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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